What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is more than a system of exercises, it is a powerful tool for expanding your awareness. An ancient, sacred technology of asanas, mantras, pranayam and meditation

Kundalini yoga & meditation offers a powerful and uplifting experience integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being. Yoga means a discipline of mind and body a union.

It helps develop a strong mind and sense of peace to deal with the pace of modern life and to remain flexible in the face of stress and change.

It uses;

  • postures
  • breath
  • mantra
  • music 
  • meditation

which teach you the art of

  • relaxation
  • self-healing
  • alignment
  • elevation 
  • awareness.

Kundalini Yoga is suitable for everyone regardless of size, flexibility or experience.

it works powerfully to;
heal & rejuvenate our physical body
strengthen our nervous system
balance the glandular system
strengthen the immune system
increase vitality, flexibility & strength
increase energy levels
increase lung capacity for better breathing
awaken our neutral mind
balance our emotions
improve concentration
encourage sense of peace
reduce stress
obtain peace of mind - bringing deep inner calm and self-confidence
aid self-transformation & development
enliven sense of awareness

We work with a specific sequence of exercises designed to produce a specific state or effect and these are called KRIYAS.

eg, de-toxing the liver, mastering your moods or overcoming addictions etc..
Whatever the focus, by the end of each lesson you will feel energized, relaxed, focused and expansive, all at the same time!

As you build strength and flexibility within your yoga practice, so too does strength and flexibility enter the rest of your life.

You dont need to be religious or spiritual to practice Kundalini Yoga - however it just brings you in touch with You and some people do begin to feel a deeper connection to everything around them and a sense of the Spirit within.

Kundalini Yoga uses the science of sound (naad) through mantra and music and you can read more about this technology here.


No previous experience in yoga is required to achieve results from the very first class, and its suitable for students of all levels. The Kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of the spine, is the life force of the universe. Awakened, it is creation in motion. Through the use of breath, movement and sound we awaken this powerful energy within. It strengthens all of the internal body systems – glandular system, nervous system, lymphatic and digestive system and balances the chakras. It is very healing, mentally and physically, and provides an immense sense of wellbeing, openness and aliveness. It strengthens our core energy, focus and concentration capacities, and can successfully tackle resistance to letting go of old habits that no longer serve you. Your entire being will be more balanced, helping you to communicate more effectively and to make the right choices in your life, opening yourself up to constant progress and true happiness.

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What to expect in class (and from further practice)

Yoga as Therapy

History of kundalini yoga

How is Kundalini Yoga different to Hatha or other forms?

The postures that we use are mostly simple and easy. Most people can do them on their very first visit even if you have no previous yoga experience and arent particularly fit OR flexible!

The emphasis is on breath and meditation and not on difficult postures.

The aim of Hatha yoga is also to raise the Kundalini energy, however Yogi Bhajan said it would take 22 years of perfect practice using Hatha style being the long method. The Kundalini method is direct and effective (hence being labelled as a perfect practice for the pace, of a modern household). The purpose of the two approaches is the same.

"Kundalini Yoga is the master science of experience and awareness.
It is a transmission of consciousness from person to person.
It is a Raj Yoga that awakens you inside.
That is the basic difference between Hatha and Kundalini yoga."

ON EXCELLENCE ....... All problems on this planet come from “couldn’t.” It gives us a slip from our dharma, from our destiny. We need to make our will so clean, clear and positive that “couldn’t” does not touch our shores. Kundalini Yoga takes away “couldn’t” and gives us excellence. In creating excellent character, it gives a pathway of essential sacrifice, which gives maximum happiness. If we cannot sacrifice our ego, attachments, anger, lust and greed—what can we sacrifice? These faculties force our “couldn’t” upon us. Things will not change until you change them through the Divine You within you, which allows you to sacrifice. Reality in you makes you realize. This is the law of the Lord, Purkha, and Nature, Prakirti and will never change. You must change with it. Sequence has a consequence. When we start a sequence, the consequence will be there. If you do not want consequences, do not start the sequence. Have that control! Control your “couldn’t

Kundalini Yoga Tip:
To break a habit practice one of the following breathing techniques:

Inhale 5 full seconds.
Hold the breath 15 seconds. Exhale a full 5 seconds


Take a full 20 seconds to inhale
hold the breath for 20 seconds,
take a full 20 seconds to exhale
This is the one minute breath.meditation southampton

  Kundalini Yoga takes away “couldn’t” and gives us excellence. In creating excellent character, it gives a pathway of essential sacrifice, which gives maximum happiness. If we cannot sacrifice our ego, attachments, anger, lust and greed—what can we sacrifice?.
Yogi Bhajan




here are two good videos which help explain

"What is Kundalini Yoga ?"

and what makes kundalini yoga different?