Overcoming bad habits

Much of our behaviour is not spontaneous but is a repeat of old patterns that are often not very healthy. These patterns repeat because they are held in the subconscious mind.  Many of the meditations that we use work directly on cleansing the subconscious mind of these habitual patterns creating a life where we are able to feel free and live much more spontaneously.

One of the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is the ability to break our habitual thoughts and old neural connections in the brain to create new pathways and thoughts more aligned with our highest potential. It helps us make lasting change over-riding the use of just will power or the mind alone - to break deep patterns and blocks using the pure energy that Kundalini Yoga taps into bringing power to your intentions.

Stress Busting - Our deepest desires, even if they are conciously unknown to us, will manifest! And they will persistently nag until they are recognized or actualized, causing vague feelings of uneasiness. Meditation and relaxation will reveal these "soul priorities" and enable us to harmonise our conscious lives and goals with them. (from Gururattana - Relax and Renew manual)

More detail on how we can use these tools to help heal addictions, depression etc here.


Yogic Philosophy tells us that everything begins with the breath. The mind follows the breath and the physical body follows the mind. Therefore, working with the breath has a very powerful impact on our lives.

Chanting or meditation for:

3 mins - affects the electromagnetic field, the circulation and stability of blood

7 mins - shifts your brain patterns and your magnetic field gets stronger

11 mins - begins to change the nerves and glandular system

22 mins - the 3 minds balance and align, the subconscious mind begins to clear

31 mins - allows the glands, breath and concentration to affect all the cells - glandular secretions are balanced

62 mins - stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain, pituitary and pineal glands - you begin to communicate with aspects of the Divine within yourself.

2.5 hrs - you totally remake the psyche - subconscious mind is held firmly in the new pattern

It takes 40 days to change a habit, 90 days to confirm the habit once all the blood cells have been renewed and 120 makes the new habit who you are when the subconcious mind has adapted to the new pattern. In 1000 days you have totally mastered the new habit.

Therefore if you really want to see change make a personal commitment to a kriya or a meditation for at least 40 days!

baba siri chandThe Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, taught that the Age of Aquarius is not coming to us. The Age of Aquarius will come through us. What this means is that the work you do on yourself to change your consciousness is how this new human reality will be established on the earth. As you transform the way you have relationships; as you start experiencing God inside of yourself and let go of the need to find something outside of yourself to give your power to; as you go deeply into your own meditation and make these changes in your life, the Age of Aquarius will come to the earth. It is the work you do, and the Light that you share with others that will create this New Age and the new human experience that is now possible. (from Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa)

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