One element of how this style of yoga works is through the concept of Naad (or sound current).

Mantras affect you in 3 ways

By physical stimulation of the glandular system

through activation of the meridians in the mouth

and through breath control

Every element in the universe is in a constant state of vibration manifested to us as light, sound and energy. The human senses only a fraction of this infinite range. By vibrating a particular combination of sounds you tune into various levels of consciousness or intelligence and the vibratory frequency of a mantra also draws to you what you are vibrating = the law of attraction.

when we chant we are setting vibrations in motion that shall have an doesnt even matter if we understand them or not !

The Meridian Points on the Upper Palate

There are 84 meridians on the upper palate of the mouth and correctly pronouncing mantras stimulates these points via the tongue. This is like a keyboard input into a computer - the computer being your hypothalamus area of the brain. The brain takes these instructions and regulates chemical changes and messengers that go to the whole body. By changing the chemistry of your brain you affect your vital functions, moods, emotions, metabolism, immune system, endocrine system etc.

You can create many positive states of mind through the power of sound and mantra.

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Shabad Guru and the Aquarian Age

guru nanak shabd guru

 Shabad – the sound that cuts the ego. Guru – the wisdom that takes us from darkness to light. In his teachings, Yogi Bhajan taught that the Shabad Guru would become the guiding wisdom for people in the Aquarian Age.

The highest teacher in Kundalini Yoga is the Shabad – the sound of wisdom that cuts away the ego and brings a person to see the light of his or her own soul.

Many of the practices in Kundalini Yoga use mantras or segments from Japji Sahib which was recorded by Guru Nanak after an enlightenment experience.

Guru Nanak had such a profound level of mastery, he could perceive and hear the Universal Sound directly. He referred to it as the “shabad” or as “gurbani” – the frequency of divine guidance. When Guru Nanak sang a song, he served as a channel for the Shabad. The songs he wrote such as Japji Sahib become a living manifestation of the Shabad Guru. Then, other people could meditate upon these songs and awaken themselves.

Guru Nanak travelled far and wide teaching how to awaken with the sound current. He would say, “Bani is coming to me.” The shabad would come to him and express itself through him.

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this wonderful video explains Shabd Guru and the science of the sound current

download kundalini yoga music/mantra

morning call

by Dev Suroop Kaur who was one of my teachers

This eight part (ashtang) mantra corresponds to the body’s eight energy centers (7 chakras, plus aura). This mantra creates a responsive interrelationship between you and the universal creative energy. It is very powerful for awakening the kundalini energy and suspending the mind in bliss