The Adi mantra

is used to tune in at beginning of the class

means I invoke that divine presence which is within me

calling on the inner wisdom within us all

Ong  is vibrated through the nasal chambers stimulating the pituitary gland
Bringing our palms together balances the left or moon side with the right or sun side to bring a balanced body / mind – it centres our energies before we begin
Thumbs against sternum – pressure here helps you to concentrate eyes gently closed and focused at brow point
Concentrate on whats happening to you from the inside out …
Sit up tall shoulders rolled back and down
Bring your thoughts to this time and this place, focus your attention at the brow point
Remain alert yet relaxed

Inhale deeply through the nose
Begin the mantra

Chant 3 times

  1. once for the inner self (make yourself as concentrated as you can on inner core)
  2. once for the outer self (spread yourself out – as big as you can)
  3. and again for balance of the two (blend the two together)

There are many benefits to chanting the Adi Mantra including, zeroing the ego, dissoving the Self, it helps put aside your fears, pride, expectations and manipulations. It also forms a link to the Golden Chain of Kundalini teachings, the energy, wisdom and protection of the tradition flow to you, and through you.