Southampton Area Yoga & Meditation Class schedule

Below is the regular yoga class schedule for the Southampton area.

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before you attend your first class please read " what to expect in your class" and check out this demonstration of one of the breathing techniques we often use. All my classes are suitable for beginners as they are easy to modify and take at your own pace. Classes are mixed abilities, ages etc and each week we are working on something completely different - so we are all discovering it for the first time.

Don't be nervous about coming to try for the first time - you dont need any previous experience but if you are a complete novice just advise me at the start of class so I can help your experience, and do advise if you have any medical conditions I should be aware of.

1810 - 1930 no need to book see below for parking

Hall No 2 Gurdwara Nanaksar
3 Peterborough Rd, Southampton
SO14 6HY
Please wear headcovering for classes at Gurdwara - and make sure you dont come upstairs to the Hall before covering your hair thanks - shoes are left outside the room


Newcomers please send me an email or message that you are coming to the temple for the first time and I can wait downstairs before class begins, its also good if you can arrive 15 mins early for a chat and introduction. Thanks

no classes Bank Holidays

langar food is available in the temple please bring a separate donation for this

Please arrive on time to not miss vital explanations/instructions at the begininng. Thank you

Some clients like to arrive early in order to relax in savasana or quiet meditation before class - kindly observe silence until after the class so as not to disrupt others experience. Thank you.

Gurdwara classes

Headcoverings are worn at Gurdwara (Sikh temple) not only to respect the tradition but there are many benefits to practising Kundalini Yoga and Meditation whilst your head is covered, HERE is a great article explaining. There is always a box of bandana/ scarves near the entrance if you don't have your own or forget to bring one.

Please cover your head before coming upstairs to Hall number 2

Shoes are always removed before visitors go up to the main Hall where the carpeted stairs are, but for yoga its more practical to enter via the stairs at the back which are just opposite the kitchen and ladies toilet (these stairs are not carpeted) your shoes can be worn as you walk through to the kitchen area and up the polished stairs, but must be removed before you enter the Hall No 2 and left outside in the corridor, (also kindly remember to dress modestly while visiting any temple).

Most of the the time you will find a volunteer in the main hall on arrival and they will be happy to help you if its your first visit, please just ask. Thank you.

If you have never visited a Gurdwara before here is another interesting page.


there is no onsite parking but you can use the residential streets closest. The best access is to come from the Inner Avenue roads from the Avenue to Middle St, Peterbourough Road, Southcliff Road etc, just be sure to check parking permissions as they vary. There is also a small car park opposite Aldi in Bevois Valley. Check the maps in above timetable, classes start at 6.10 to enable you to park and arrive on time.

or click here for a map with more details

Morning Sadhana

Weekly Sadhana NB The Wednesday morning class is currently on hold due to low attendance. Please mail me if you are interested in this session. We may also hold one off sadhana events on weekends and I can keep you informed of any upcoming sessions. Click on the link above to read more on the benefits of Aquarian Sadhana.

Private tuition / Skype classes

call 07980 722194 or email to discuss your requirements and make a booking.


For Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes in BOURNEMOUTH, RINGWOOD, VERWOOD & CHRISTCHURCH AREA

Lesley Taylor has the classes below:-

(contact her directly on 07951 142 023)

Christchurch Wessex Centre - Mondays 6 - 7pm
17 Stour Road
BH23 1PL

Ringwood Trinity Centre - Tuesdays 8 to 9.30pm
Christchurch Rd
BH24 1DH

Verwood Hub - Thursdays 8 to 9.30pm
Brock Way
BH31 7QE


yoga at hedge end

If you are a regular attendee and have a topic you would like to cover such as getting a better nights sleep?!- just let me know and I will include in our programme. This is yoga for real life and we have many practical tools to help us