below are some testimonials from class attendees, kundalini yoga can become quite addictive and I still have some attendees who have been coming since I began teaching in 2009 !

I am writing this having just returned home from one of Sharon's classes.  Every week I say to her "that was the best class I ever had" because that is how it truly feels. When I first met Sharon I was incredibly nervous and apprehensive about attending a "Kundalini" yoga class.  I had no need to be worried, she has a natural ability that instantly makes you feel welcome and relaxed. The classes are beautifully presented, they are safe and effective with quality instructions.  There are never any feelings of competitiveness, everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace and within their own ability.  This makes for a very happy and relaxed class atmosphere. Kundalini yoga has helped me develop my self confidence, improved my willpower and commitment, and helped me uncover hidden strengths I didn't realise I had.  My energy levels and flexibility have increased and my self control over addictive behaviours has been truly life changing. Sharon is a teacher, role model and an inspiration to me.  Kundalini yoga can change your life and Sharon has helped me so much to change mine.  Sat Nam xx

(from Hedge End)

The power and effects of Kundalini Yoga are actually very hard to summarise in a few lines.... Kundalini yoga helps me take control of my life. I now manage my depression and have become more calmer, sane, motivated, organised, disciplined, radiant, happier and healthier person. I have so much more energy and passion and just want to shout out to everybody how amazing Kundalini is!!! Sharon you have shared such a wonderful gift with me. I wouldn't have believed yoga could be so challenging and love the fact that you get a real cardio vascular work out as well as time for relaxation and meditation. You are very intuitive and teach at every ones level. I get so much from your classes; a complete work out for body mind and soul!!! Thank you.

Liz, Chandlers Ford

'I was lucky to have found Kundalini yoga at a time where I was experiencing a great deal of stress and sadness. Practising Kundalini yoga with Sharon has helped me to overcome this by being the main support for me in balancing my emotional, mental, and physical imbalances. The yoga meditation and physical challenges that Kundalini yoga delivers has helped me to become a much more conscious individual. As a result, I have been able to tap more deeply into my spiritual self. I feel rejuvenated, calmer, and confident. Sharon is an amazing character, an authentic and inspiring teacher with a great sense of humour!'

Norah, Southampton


Having attended Sharons yoga classes I have found them to be both enlightening, challenging and uplifting. The yoga and accompanying teachings are powerful and seem to be perfectly suited to the attendees. Sharon knows her stuff and knows how to get the best from the people present.

Chris Byrne, Southampton

Having experienced several different yoga classes in the past - Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, I thought I would try Kundalini Yoga. I really enjoyed the first class and now go as often as I can. There are many benefits from this type of yoga and I have found it relieves my stress after work and helps me to feel more grounded. Sharon is a fantastic teacher, and takes you through the class with clear instruction and encourages you to go at your own pace. The sessions are varied with meditation, mantras and kriyas with beautiful music so you never know what to expect - except that when you leave the class you can't wait for the next one.

Debbie, Eastleigh

I knew nothing about Kundalini but went along with an open mind, Sharon was and is so welcoming. I have suffered from panic and stress for many years. However since starting Kundalini I have found many positive things that help, the breathing part of the exercises and allowing ones thoughts to come and go. The class challanges your body, mind and soul. Sharon is an inspiration along with setting the right atmosphere and the amazing music. The exercises at times are a killer, but you take it at your own pace. So all in all a great test. Will continue to practice Many Thanks sharon for all the effort that you put into it.

Shelly, Totton


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